Handmade Wooden Crafts

All items are made from solid wood. Can make just about anything. Bookshelves Work Tables Picnic Tables Birdhouses Chicken Nest boxes Raised Planting Boxes Stand Alone Planting Boxes Swings/Swing Stands Cork Boards Floating Wine Bottle Holders Picture/Puzzle Frames Coat Racks Gun Racks Fishing Pole Racks Plank Chairs Vintage Style Tool Box AND LOTS MORE!!!!! It is up to YOU to sand, stain, paint, or finish to your own specifications. If you have a project in mind, please be ready to answer a lot of questions: For Example- What type of wood, measurements of project, images/pictures of what you want, think about your house's door size (some bigger projects won't fit through a doorway).
Updated 4-Apr-2014